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Purchase any token on Arbitrum using ETH on Mainnet in just 24 seconds! Our custom built relayer allows for the quickest and cheapest in terms of gas cost transactions. This enables very convinient trading from Ethereum to Arbitrum.

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Allows non-experienced users to deploy their own fully customized token contract. Including functions like burn, swapback & customizing taxes. Deploy now in few clicks.


The first token locker that creates separate contracts for each lock. This allows for full compatibility with reflection and rebase tokens while minimizing overall risk. ChainLock is the cheapest, most secure and user-friendly token locking service on the market today.

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Forces a contract to sell all tokens gathered from taxes. In the same transaction, after the last contract sell, your buy transaction goes through, ensuring you a much lower entry price for your ETH. All actions take place in one transaction within the same block.


Allows you to do multiple repeated swaps in a single transaction on your projects pool. This way you can meet CMC/CG and other platforms' listing criteria or desired amount of volume. Optionally you can decide to perform a buyback at the end of the transaction.

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Offers a robust and secure intermediary service for P2P transactions on the Ethereum blockchain via a Telegram bot interface. It ensures transaction security by holding funds in escrow until all involved obligations are met, effectively minimizing the risks associated with decentralized trades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept behind ChainTools?

ChainTools is the ultimate solution on the Ethereum Network, revolutionizing DeFi by providing exceptional utilities for both investors and developers. Our comprehensive platform is designed to be the go-to destination, offering unparalleled support and advanced features.

What unique features or characteristics differentiate ChainTools?

ChainTools stands out with its unmatched suite of utilities, including the game-changing features of ChainSwap, ChainForge, and ChainLock. These cutting-edge tools empower our users and elevate their DeFi experience to new heights.

Can you explain ChainSwap?

ChainSwap redefines the cross-chain swap experience, delivering lightning-fast and cost-effective transactions for ETH to ARB swaps. In just under 10 seconds, users can seamlessly purchase any token on Arbitrum using their ETH on the mainnet. Plus, as an added bonus, we provide users with ETH on Arb for gas.

What is the purpose of ChainLock?

ChainLock introduces a revolutionary token locking service that optimizes gas usage unlike any other solution. By creating a dedicated contract for each lock, ChainLock enables full ERC-20 compatibility. This groundbreaking functionality allows users to lock rebase and reflection tokens for the first time ever.

Could you provide an overview of the functionalities offered by ChainForge?

ChainForge empowers users with complete contract customization, putting the power in their hands. With ChainForge, users can easily configure essential parameters such as max wallet, marketing and dev fees, falling taxes, burn mechanisms, LP additions, Swapback features, and more. Our user-friendly interface ensures hassle-free deployment with just one click, catering to both novice developers and users.

Does ChainTools generate any income?

Absolutely! We sustain our project through nominal fees associated with each of our services. This ensures continuous development, improvement, and expansion of the ChainTools ecosystem.

Is ChainTools considered to be secure?

ChainTools prioritizes the safety and trust of our users. Our contracts have undergone rigorous testing and thorough audits, guaranteeing the utmost security. Additionally, our liquidity is locked, providing an additional layer of assurance.

How are the tokenomics structured for the ChainTools token?

To support the growth and development of ChainTools, we implement a 5% tax buys. Out of this, 2% is dedicated to ChainTools' liquidity rewards, while the remaining 3% fuels our marketing efforts, ensuring the wider adoption and success of the ChainTools platform.

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